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6 Steps To Getting Your Home Sold FASTER And For More MONEY

Follow these 6 steps to help get your home sold FAST and for more MONEY!!

Step 1: Un-Personalize

-> Remove pictures specific to your family

-> Store your bath essentials in an accessible box that is out of site

-> Remove any built in items that you will be taking with you

Step 2: De-Clutter

-> Trash or donate clothing items you no longer need

-> Clear off your counters, night stands, and tables

-> Consider renting a storage unit to hold items until you move

Step 3: Organize

-> Align items in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets

-> Organize your closets and belongings

Step 4: Repair

-> Paint loud rooms in the house a neutral color

-> Fix any leaky faucets

-> Address doors that creak or drawers that jam

Step 5: Clean

-> Wax wooden floors and steam clean carpets

-> Dust furniture, fixtures, and hard to reach spaces

-> In the bathroom, re-caulk tub and sink as well as polish all metals

Step 6: Spruce Outside

-> Mow and maintain your lawn

-> Clean your windows and pressure wash the exterior

-> Trim shrubbery around the house

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